The SaaS solution that optimizes direct sales for publishers

Directopub enables publishers to:

to unlimited advertisers,

Publishers can monetize untapped revenue with a self-branded self-serve offering in order to reach advertisers of all sizes, budgets, skill levels, and geographical location.

What does Directopub do?

It enables publishers to sell ad space directly to ALL advertisers
Directopub simplifies the publisher advertising process by enabling them to partner directly with unlimited advertisers, of any size budget and in any geographic location. Publishers have full control and transparency, selling at rate card and cutting out the ad networks and their associated ad tech fees/revenue shares.

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How does it work?

An interface and a service
Directopub provides publishers with a branded, campaign management interface for advertisers to run self-serve direct campaigns without any minimum spends. The interface features are fully customized to the expertise levels of advertisers, so even those with little to no experience can build creatives and set up campaigns.

For managed campaigns, the interface streamlines the workflow of the in-house sales teams, optimizing the entire process and making it more time efficient. Directopub takes care of the implementation and a number of value added services, such as auditing of creatives and billing.

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How it helps Publishers

The benefits of direct sales & the volume of programmatic

Enhance the
of In-house Direct Sales and PMPs by adding the scalability to work with ALL Advertisers.
While boosting the
of Ad Networks with direct self-serve connections minus the ad tech fees.

To serve ALL advertisers
Directly, on a Self-Serve basis, minus the Ad Tech Fees

More Control
Selling direct streamlines internal processes and provides more transparency of processes and advertisers.

Better Margins
No need for partnerships or revenue share agreements with ad tech companies.

Increased Revenue
Publisher set rate card prices guaranty higher eCPMs than those achieved via programmatic.

The solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing processes & ad stack!

The formula

Sell directly - at rate card - to all advertisers - without revenue splits

Sell Directly

Directopub is a publisher customized offering that white labels the Bucksense programmatic platform to provide publishers with a customized, self-serve ad platform to safely sell their inventory directly to advertisers.

  • A Publisher Branded platform to sell ad inventory
  • Fully customized with the features that matter most
  • Advertisers create accounts and run self-serve campaigns

Auditing of creatives is handled by Direcopub, according to publishers policies

At Publisher’s rate card

Advertisers who create accounts can run Video, Native and Display Campaigns that buy inventory directly from the publisher.

The flow is integrated seamlessly with the publishers existing ad stack and inventory is sold at publisher set rate card.

Sell to all advertisers

Partner directly with any advertiser. Without the direct to publisher interface, direct campaigns are typically dominated by advertisers from huge companies with vast advertising budgets. Directopub opens the door for everyone, of every size, budget, expertise level and geographical location.

Sell directly to advertisers anywhere, at any time. By enabling self-serve direct campaigns, Directopub has removed geographical, timezone and language barriers that have previously made direct partnerships difficult or even impossible.

Directopub enables publishers to cultivate direct relationships with advertisers anywhere in the world.

No revenue shares with ad tech companies. Yes to ALL advertisers.

The reality for publishers today is that unless they have an army sized in-house sales team, they can't possibly handle all advertisers directly and so are forced to only work with those who meet a minimum advertising budget. This means that all the remaining advertisers have to buy ad inventory via the ad networks, supply partners and programmatic companies, who take +40% of publisher revenue in ad tech fees.

Directopub enables publishers, for the first time, to sell directly to ALL advertisers, eliminating the need for middlemen and their associated fees.

A technology offering powered by the expertise of the Directopub team.

To complement the white label offering, Directopub also provides a catalogue of value added services to ensure smooth functioning. Publishers can pick and choose which services they want managed by Directopub, including but not limited to:


Customer IOs and Sign Ups
We provide an automated system to handle customer account creation and the signing of your company's IO.


Platform Training & Onboarding
Full and comprehensive platform training and campaign setup/management for all new customers.


Auditing of Creatives
We protect your brand by manually auditing all ads in accordance to your company’s creative policies.


Customer Service
Our dedicated team of experts handles all your customer service requirements.


Platform Maintenance
An in-house team of engineers working 24/7 to ensure that things are running smoothly.


We handle all billing functions. Credit Card and wire transfer options available.

Real time performance reports for Publishers and their Advertisers

For Publishers


Never miss a beat!

Access, monitor and analyse the performance of your Advertisers at any time, in real time.

For your Advertisers


Never manually pull an excel sheet again!

The customizable dashboard provides Advertisers with direct access to real time campaign performance reports.

Leverage the earning power of data

We enable Publishers to safely monetize their 1st party user data by selling it to direct Advertisers as a targeting add-on.

This information can be categorized into segments, and used by Advertisers to refine and reach their target audiences.

  • Users segment price defined by Publisher
  • User data not shared with Advertisers

Additional revenue for Publishers.
More relevant advertising for their users!


Safely leverage your audience data to increase your ad inventory with Directopub Brand Extension

Increase your ad revenue by extending your ad inventory reach beyond your site/app. Publisher data remains in house with complete privacy and protection, and prevents jamming of ad slots which result in frustrating experiences for users.

As users navigate your site/app they are placed into anonymous behavior-based audience groups.

BUT to protect user experience, your site/app can only sell a certain amount of ad space, leaving advertisers queueing to target their prefered audiences.

With Directopub brand extension, when your ad inventory is full, advertisers can still target your audiences when they are on different sites/apps.

  • checkExtended ad inventory reach for publishers

  • checkData retained by publishers
  • checkNo ad slot jamming for users

Get to know us!

Directopub was developed and is owned by Bucksense Inc, the programmatic platform for agile marketers looking to bring brand building in house.

Part of Acotel Group SpA (ACO:IM), Bucksense was founded in 2012 and is currently the programmatic platform of choice for 350+ agencies worldwide.

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